Dec 26 2017

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For the HSBC-issued Best Buy store card, they pulled EQ for me in KY back in June. I suggest app in-store. I got the dreaded Tier B $800 limit when I app’d online in October of 2009. Fast forward to June 2010, App’d in-store with $1500 computer in-hand (they enter the purchase price on the app) and got Tier A with $3600 limit. No extreme score improvement from 1st app to 2nd app (667 to 675).

eta: I saw the new Chase-issued card on the reward zone website. I have no experiece with this card. My experience is just with the HSBC.

I got the Tier B $800 limit last August. Since then, I have cleaned up my report considerably, though I have no idea what my scores were back then. Now, the only bad things on my report are the lates from 2005 reporting on my previously defaulted but since then rehabilitated student loans. No lates or missed payments on anything for over five years.

Someone mentioned Best Buy pulls Transunion, and my TU score is 725. I need to take advantage of their 18 mos 0% interest on a refrigerator. I wonder if I go into the store and tell the sales guy I want to buy this $1,900 fridge and go through the app process if I will see the result rbh did. All I can do is try, eh?

I have used my Tier B Best Buy card many times, never been late and have a $0 balance. Maybe that will help.

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