Nov 28 2017

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We have created this wiki as a place for users to insert suggestions for new cards, or to request that cards linked in the original thread should be taken down. We will edit the first post AT LEAST every other week, probably much more frequently.

Citibank Double Cash MasterCard – 2% cash back (1% when you buy, 1% when you pay). No caps, no annual fee. Only real snag is that the DO have Foreign Transaction Fees.

NerdWallet has a decent lookup [ ] that lets you choose the type of card and filter by credit rating and features. Worth checking for current info, that’s where I saw the above: has probably the most complete, although a bit outdated collection of credit card sign-up bonuses, grouped into personal, business, student and travel categories.

The credit card rewards calculator at will calculate expected annual rewards for your entered spending profile for many cards. It also calculates the best combinations of cards for your spending pattern.

Just a note, Discover 5% cash back is on rotating categories, might confuse some.

***9/05/13 Penfed sent notices to change 5% to 3% and add $25 annual fee if not combined with another qualifying penfed product****

A fairly up-to-date list of 0% no-fee cards is available at [ ]

The Penfed Visa Platinum Cashback Rewards card is only .25% on everything else but still is 5% on gas.

The latest version of the Discover It Card has no signup bonus****, but many pluses (review linky [ ] ):

• You no longer only get 0.25% on 1st $3K spent as w/regular Discover. It’s 1%.

• No annual fee

• And you get a different phone # w/quick access to U.S. agents.

****I just got the Discover It card, and if you know someone that has a discover card, a referral gives $50 to the both parties (referrer and referee). Referrer: After signup. Referee: After 1st purchase within 3 months.

OR: link to get a $75 Amazon Gift Card with first purchase within 3 months. Linky [ ] –moosepigeon

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