Nov 15 2017

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Credit cards

Looking for a new credit card? Use our free service to compare cards for anything from balance transfers to credit cards for people with bad credit. It’s important to think about what you need from a card to make sure you pick the right one for you and your circumstances.

Market leading balance transfer card

The length & interest rate applied when a credit card balance is transferred from one card to another.

Annual Percentage Rate including all fees & charges applicable.

Includes free unlimited access to your credit report, start with a credit limit between £250 – £1,200 and you could get an increase on your 4th statement.

Your guide to credit cards

While there’s not one card to suit everyone, when choosing a card, the most important factors to consider are your credit rating and what you’re planning on using the card for. You should also consider how you’ll use the card; will you manage your account online or would you prefer a card with a high street provider?

Already paying interest on a credit card? Get a balance transfer card

If you owe credit on an existing card and are paying interest on the borrowed amount, then it’s worth considering a balance transfer card. Most cards offer generous 0% introductory periods which could give you enough time to repay credit debt interest free, with low fee charges – with a balance transfer card you could clear the amount you owe faster.

Use our credit card calculator to work out how much money you could save if you switch your card.

Want to borrow without paying interest? Get a purchase card

If you plan on using your credit card regularly or are considering making a large purchase, a card that offers 0% interest free period deals on purchases might be right for you. They allow you to spread the repayments over a number of months.

New to credit cards or worried you have a bad credit?

Having limited or no credit history could become quite tricky if you’re thinking of getting a credit card. A credit building card would be the way to go to get started and build your credit rating for the future.

If you have a less-than-perfect credit history or if you’ve had trouble with credit in the past (have CCJs or missed payments), credit cards designed for those with bad credit might be more suitable for you.

Other cards types you might consider include:

Rewards cards – allow you to earn cashback, points airmiles, Avios Points and more if you pay off the balance each month

Cashback cards – earn cashback as you spend on the card

Travel cards – have low or no foreign transaction fees to help you avoid any extra or hidden costs when using your card abroad

Low rate APR cards – enjoy the benefit of a low interest rate for as long as you keep the card

Some cards are aimed at customers with a certain credit rating, such as rewards credit cards designed for model users that pay off their balance, or bad credit cards aimed at those who’ve previously struggled financially.

If you’re unsure of your rating, you can check your credit report before applying or use our free card matcher tool to check your likelihood of acceptance for a range of cards, without leaving any footprint on your credit record.

When taking out a new card you may also want to consider taking out income protection insurance which could help you keep up with your monthly repayments should you lose your job, become ill or get injured.

Once you’ve decided which type of card is best suited for you, you can start comparing credit card deals with us. You’ll find more information about each card by clicking the ‘More’ button on a specific card. We offer an option to check the likelihood of being accepted with many cards we compare, so it’s worth checking it before you apply.

As soon as you’ve found a card that’s right for you, you can apply online and wait for the card issuer’s response on whether you’ve been accepted.

Be sure not to apply for too many cards, especially in a short space of time, as each application will show up on your credit history and could have a negative effect on your credit score.

Here’s a taster of some of the card companies we compare (most card issuers will offer more than one card type):

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