Sep 26 2017

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Water Heater Repair and Installation

Water Heater Repair, Replacement and Installation

At Sincere Home Services, we provide professional and reliable services for both storage and instant water heater repair and installation services. Our technician are well trained and equipped to help handle your water heater problems. In order for us to determine the problem, a onsite assessment would be needed by our technician.

Some common problems that we attend to includes leaking water heater, heater not heating up, leaking pipe linked to the water heater etc.,

To book an appointment for the onsite assessment, you can call 9100 6064 .

Our technicians are able to provide repair services for minor problems in your heater such as leaking joint to heater. If the situation is such that repair cannot be done, we do provide replacement of various types of heater brands. Some common brand that we carry are:

A storage water heater comes with a tank where as the name suggest the water is stored and heated up. While an instant water heater as the name suggest allows immediate heating of the water as it enters the heating system.

Which type of heater should i install?

It really depends on your preference. Here are some of the main difference between both type of heaters:

  • Storage heater cost more than an instant heater in most cases.
  • Storage heater would be suitable for multi points (eg: 2 bath room, 1 sink tap) while a instant heater would be better used for only 1 point (eg: 1 shower)
  • Electrical consumption (you can read more on this here )

Installation of new heaters :

Installation of new heaters would usually take around 1 hour to 6 hour depending on the scope of work to be done.

Repair of water heater :

Some common problems that we have faced on the ground includes a leaking water heater (especially common in storage heater), trip in electricity as well as the heater not providing any hot water at all. The first step when we arrive usually is to test the wiring to determine where the fault lies at. Only after diagnosis by our technician are we able to inform you of the charges.

A transport/delivery charge of $20 is applicable for most cases related to water heater and $40 for electrical trip in heater.

Our workmanship comes with a warranty provided of 3 months. For more information do contact us at 9100 6064 or for other commonly asked questions, you can visit our FAQ page.

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