Sep 17 2017

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If you wish to make calls over the internet, then you will need to sign up to a VoIP provider.

The largest list of VoIP providers in Australia (or VoIP providers that service Australia) is provided by Market Clarity. A smaller list is provided by VoIP Choice Internet Choice which all list the plan prices and call rates. OzVoIPStatus provides a monitoring service which monitors voip providers for reliability.

Although these websites are updated regularly, but be sure to check with any provider that you intend to sign up to in case of price changes.

To get the best value, take a good look around before you decide (especially at the VoIP Forum ) to see if there are any limited offers available.

It is also important to note that you can use multiple VoIP providers if your hardware supports it (eg SPA3000). If your hardware doesn’t support it, you can use a service called Voxalot to do your call routing for free, so that calls to different destinations go out through different VoIP providers, achieving the best rates for each destination.

There are many reasons to use an Australian provider (easier to handle billing issues, better latency, and quite often quality!), but if you call (or receive calls from) international destinations, then dont just limit yourself to Australian providers. There are hundreds of providers out there around the world with anything from free accounts, to paid accounts with indial numbers in the most unusual of countries. You can get an Indial number in an international city of your choice, thus saving your friends or relatives money, as when they call that local Indial number, it comes straight through to your VoIP phone and only costs them a local call!.

Some popular Australian Providers have their own Wiki pages. Follow the links below.

Blank Form for adding extra providers if required

The following are not providers but are worth mentioning:

– Australian 1300 VoIP Gateway (Dial into many VoIP providers from the PSTN with this number) Site now appears to be defunct
– Sipbroker (VoIP Peering system)

FREE International DID Providers
Here’s a list of some Free international DID providers

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