Aug 4 2017

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National Contract Management Association Ashburn Reviews

I have been working at National Contract Management Association full-time (Less than a year)

* NCMA promotes from within and there is someone in almost every department (marketing, certification, chapters) who started as a coordinator and moved up.
* Good benefits overall AND the office is closed for the week between Christmas and New Year.
* NCMA is willing to let staff grow in their positions and offers training to enable staff to master new skills.
* The members (contract managers) are very professional and good to work with.
* NCMA is on strong financial footing and some staff members have been in their positions 6+ years. Raises are good and overall people are happy.

There is no place to buy lunch within walking distance.

– Staff is motivated and dedicated to helping the contract management profession (which some of the staff didn t know about when they started). Staff always keeps members top of mind.

– Office culture is hard working, but also understanding when people have appointments or commitments outside of work.

– Paid federal holidays, and the week between Christmas and New Years the office is closed.

– The organization is well positioned in its industry, and has great respect among its members.

– Each department is trusted by management to run their program area with minimal interference, if anything just support.

– Many staff have been promoted from within. More than half of the departments employ someone who started in member services or another department.

We re all human and learn as we go, so we ve all made mistakes, but learned from them!

Advice to Management

Continue to be open to feedback from employees and continue to encourage collaboration. Continue to encourage work life balance, its a fabulous way to ensure happy employees.

The Membership team including the Director were the most kind hearted, sincerest employees you could work with. They gave you constructive criticism and very reliable.

A lot of office politics and two-faced behaviors. The Marketing department is crude, vulgar, unprofessional, and HATED within the office. The Marketing Director is the only pleasant one. Management offers little to no support and there s no real consequences.

Staff outings are a joke because the marketing, events and graphic design team stay among themselves and talk negatively about the whole office. Defeats the purpose of having staff outings.

Working here caused me severe social anxiety and depression. No one wants to go into work feeling that way.

Advice to Management

Hire a Human Resources person to make sure employees are compliant.

Administer drug tests (You’d be surprised how many employees would fail)
Hire more pleasant people with better teamwork skills – in addition they should have better morale and ethics.

Prevent your employees leaving hours at a time during lunch breaks. You won’t believe how many people I witnessed leave to get car emissions done and go to happy hour DURING work hours.

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